Miracles (fear no more)

I walked many moons

partially a person, partially not

Will this pass

as mama said it would?

Breathing: difficult.

Pressure: no relief.

It is me who requires the acceptance of losses and celebrations of wins:


I gain a new fashion falling at my hips and draping loosely down my legs.

my clothing size is not different


I shed the heavy sweaters I was wearing:


I continue with a full closet

Many things are hanging off hangers

No place, but still needed

Stacked in piles

It must remain

I am not scared of it anymore

The sun is shining through the tiny closet windows

The Light that I long for is glistening,

urging me:

Embrace me

Fear has lifted

longing for the past departs

The miracle was here,

is here, is now, is to come.

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