even if

May I please implore you who reads this?

Please, if you know a young person, teenager, young adult–if you have one of these special people in your home, or in your life, a friend, student, neighbor, niece, nephew, employee–whatever–please reach out to them,

Even if they don’t want you to,

Even if they look different than you,

Even if they drink, smoke, smell or worse,

These kids need checking in on. A simple hello, how are you, what’s up.

Sometimes the tragedy cannot be prevented,

but sometimes it could.

Ask what you’re afraid to ask and be there.

Even if it’s uncomfortable,

Even if it’s inconvenient,

Even if you don’t understand.

We can be present.

We don’t have to have all the answers.

Lives continue to be at stake and when we lose, we lose forever.